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U-Spin Slot Machine Bonus Win 2 (queenslots)

Slot Machine Bonus Win at Thunder Valley.

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onenickelmiracle says:

Vegas must be so corrupt to let teasers like that in the game.

Iraqi Mujahidein says:

spin the fucking wheel not touch it

clint4Now says:

Dude, come on, you got two spins and you didn’t even really spin
them…weak spins….play it like you mean it…..I never seen a double
U-Spin Bonus either like you got, that was a good bonus, too bad it didn’t
hit the $50 the second time.

McAuley Video Mix says:

played this for the first time about a week ago. I got the spin alot. It
was lots of fun!

bonusqueenDeb says:

Hey you did pretty good on that! I played this a couple of days and didn’t
get to spin :(

Josh Bailey says:

The strength or kind of spin don’t make the difference in what’s picked off

ZeelandCentraal says:

bet 40 sucks nerd

NYballer11725 says:

lol the lady that said ” oh you got it again ” is slurring …. she drunk
as hell :P

Jorge Tovar says:

last night got uspin got free games and it hit uspin 4

jroc420ification says:

where i live this slot is called Diamond Millions and the progressive
jackpot is at 1.7 million plus we don’t pay taxes on winnings =)

Roman Krivenko says:

lol I played it my first time in AC got 2 Uspins but like 6 money cash
bonus. These games are on most cruises very fun :].

NYballer11725 says:

@clint4Now he was spinning like that cus the jackpot was near by and he did
not want to over shoot it, but yes I still agree, I spin it hard as fast

Mark Jacob says:

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NiTeSh waDHwa says:

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abdulfattah alforgani says:

@xwzpoia your pretty much right. You’ve gotta find the right place to bet.
I’ve used the same one for ages. Had an awesome run yesterday. Sign up here

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